Native American Veterans Association
Serving and Honoring Native American Vets and Their Families

Serving and Honoring our Legacy.


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Mission Statement

Native American Veterans Association (NAVA) serves and honors men and women who have served active duty and their families transition from their warrior’s journey to civilian life through readjustment assistance; strengthening family ties; links to mental health and wellness services and career and educational training.


Looking Back / Looking Forward

We recognize it is the perfect time to recommit to what should never change. Our work must always be consistent with our vision and mission: "We are a non-profit organization that prepares and educates veterans organizations, community health agencies, government leaders, educational institutions, and the Native American community to bring the deserved services to Native American veterans and veterans at large.

A “thank you" to all the Board Officers and members who have generously given their time and commitment in building and growing NAVA into what it is today.


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Native American Veterans Association

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